Bangladeshi Woman and Rural Islamic Thinking


In rural area of Bangladesh, you have found that islam and feminism are extreme adverse correlation. Most of the villages are man dominated and all the vital decision made by the male person. Islamic scholar of rural area tries to establish their influence about female issue in the society. Islam Gives full right of female education, decision making, employment, participation on national economy but some of our religious leaders wrongly explained to rural illiterate people for getting their personal benefit. I will try to point out some Major issue about this matter and solution of it.

Ø In Rural Islamic society Female education is not appreciated.

Ø Child Marriage is so common in rural Bangladesh.

Ø Rural Islamic Scholar give Fataws against women rights

Ø Rural Islamic Scholar unprovoked women employment.

Ø Rural Islamic Scholar try to gives more decision making power towards man.

Ø Shalish ( A meeting where local Islamic scholar try to solve the issues) is also not appropriate all the time.

Ø Women leadership also not permitted


Ø Female Education should be compulsory for certain level mostly for rural women.

Ø Highest punishment for child marriage.

Ø Fatawas and rural Shalish should be stop

Ø Try to increase proper Islamic knowledge.

Ø Women leadership should be appreciated.