A sparkling Leadership: M Ilias Ali- A disappeared leader in Bangladesh


Ilias – A dream of Developed Bangladesh
Ilias – A dream of young politician
Ilias – A name who speak against Injustice
Ilias – A name of people’s love

Ilias was a very gifted politician. He could be very charming and persuasive in person. Ilias was a rare leader whose personal and poltical gifts were exactly what was needed at the.moment of greatest crisis in Bangladesh history, and without him there would be no single.

Ilias was born in Ramdhana, Sylhet Division. As a child, he was taught lessons from the Qur’an by his mother. Ali had his primary education at Ramdhana Government Primary School. He passed his SSC in 1977 from Ramshundor Pilot High School, Bishwanath Upazila. In 1979, he passed his HSC from Sylhet Government College. He graduated B.Com (Hons) from Dhaka University in 1985 from the department of Finance. He did graduate work in M.Com (Masters) at Dhaka University in banking, but was expelled in 1987 after leading a student movement against the martial law of President Hossain Mohammad Ershad.

He started his political career in 1980 with the student wing of the BNP, Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, founded the year before. He lived in Kobi Joshim Uddin hall of Dhaka University. In a couple of years, he became leader of the dorm, and in 1983 became a central executive member of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD).

In 1986, the National Council of JCD was held, where he was elected as the International Affairs Secretary of the Central Executive Committee. At that time, JCD was the most powerful student political organization in the country.

Ilias Ali was elected in 2001 to the 6th Parliament as a representative of the BNP. He hails from Bishwanath Upazila and represents Sylhet-2. He won by approximately 49,000 votes.

At the 5th national council of the BNP, on 8 December 2009, Ilias Ali spoke as president of Sylhet district. The councillors approved giving authority to Khaleda Zia, head of the party, to choose the leadership. Ali spoke in favor of promoting Tarique Rahman, the eldest son of Khaleda Zia, who is active in the BNP and is now second in power to his mother. On 1 January 2010, Ali was chosen as Organizing Secretary of the BNP.

BNP lawmaker M Ilias Ali disappeared without a trace, and investigators have failed to find him.The BNP leader, who was an organising secretary of the party at the time of his disappearance, went missing in Dhaka along with his chauffeur Md Ansar on the night of April 17, 2012. Police later found his car near his home in the city’s Banani area.

Ilias’ family and BNP have repeatedly blamed the government for his disappearance, saying that it was some law enforcement agency that picked him up.

The law enforcement agencies have denied the allegations of enforced disappearance and said they were working to find the BNP leader.

However, they have yet to show any visible progress in their search for Ilias. They have not even been able to confirm whether he is still alive or not.

Still now people believe that M IIias is alive and hope govt will give back soon.